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Polarity/1, multi-instrumentalist/arranger/composer/producer, makes songs without borders and beats for curved dancefloor using REAL SPACE-AGE COMPUTERS! In his laboratory cave he grinds up shards of lost cultural artifacts, barks and growls of ghosts in machines and luminescent sarcastic spaghetti. Then a pinch or two of the house special surreal spice. P/1 has four cult classic CDs of both electro-folk songs and all-instrumental electronica on subTEKst Recordings including one by Audioplasm, his duo project with Rubio. He also composes for film and for performances by Battery Dance Company and Quorum Ballet of Lisbon. Out of this smoking brew flies Inter-Galactic Empress Amy Douglas who vaporizes the earwax of her vic-tims with four and a half octaves worth of nuclear acid lung power. A punky songwriting funkette who sharpened her teeth on earth at downtown NYC legendary music haunts and has worked numerous legends from George Clinton to the late great Illinois Jacquet. Her most recent venture was Red Hot Mama, a Hard Rock Vaudeville Show which featured wild cabaret renditions of hard rock, punk and heavy metal classics.From jazz to funk to punk, there is nothing her tongue hasn’t torched.
And orbiting around this mad organism is Rubio—the multi-brained Viking Satanic wizard whose jazzed felonious funk keyboard fondlings bang vice into the spice. And his radioactive engineering eardrums tweeze the hidden nuggets in the tracks into pure sonic lightforms. He's worked with legends like Larry Larlow, Lalo Rodriguez and Cali Aleman and has two CDs of original songs on subTEKst sung in the Spanish prong of the earthly forked tongue; not to mention the Audioplasm CD and film scoring with Polarity/1. These three illegal music aliens, on the lam from Earth's corporate noise plantation, joined forces to re-splice the DNA of the Cosmic Hum. To accomplish this, they forge molecules from every genre of Earth tones into Global Funktronica to feed the ears of illegal music aliens everywhere—one of whom might be dancing around at this very moment in the room next to you.