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Music for Space Persons
We're really living in the Space Age now. Everything is flying around out in space. X-rays and radio waves. All these sounds from Earth. Edward R. Murrow yakkety yakking and Cartman talking back and satellites and moons. Kate Smith and the bump on Dolphy's forehead. Space music. Telstar and that cool spacey shit they play in Norway. And space persons.
We're all space persons now.
KOKO DOZO truly is music for the Space Age. It's ultra modern and it's made using the latest technology and olde skool organic matter. Are other people out there in space? Who knows? Koko Dozo believes that such beings have been sitting around for billions of years waiting for the music to start.
And Koko Dozo is bringing the party to the space persons. They’re beaming
up sound waves that vibrate in the key of GROOVE, dipped in the house
special surreal sauce. Global Funktronica. Celestial demonica. Yeah...Space Is The Face.
AMY DOUGLAS, POLARITY/1 & RUBIO live on planet Koko Dozo. Who are they and what do they want from us?