words © Polarity/1 -- Sine Language Music/BMI

music © Polarity/1 & Amy Douglas

Produced by Polarity/1
P/1: track, guitar
Amy Douglas: vocals

Zit cream soda and a slice to go
I’m Sally in the alley with Curly and Moe
I’m a corporate girl in a corporate suit
Edible panties and a sack of toot
Flying company jet cause I know the boss
Dipped his résumé in my special sauce
Got my little black book and I’m ready to score
Get your dick out your pocket, I’m a D.C. whore

Pre-CHORUS: I pay your way (that’s right)
                     I don’t testify (uh uh)
                     You will make my day (on time, baby)
                     Or kiss your seat goodbye

CHORUS: Got a no-bid contract, Bob
               Pussy full of gold
               Ballin’ every PR slob,
               To keep the trail ice cold.
               Ain’t a congressman in town,
               Can’t be bought or sold..
               So, plug it in the socket, I'm a D.C. whore
               Let’s go make us a war

I’m a contract bitch on a secret mission
My tits on a hook, I’m goin’ fishin’
Going up to the penthouse to polish the brass
Serving up my biomass
Come on up baby, don’t make me wait
Tell me a secret, let’s consumate
Got bubble trouble from the subprime loan?
Gonna suck that market clean to the bone


It’s a money town with no meter maid
I put a bulge in your pocket; we all get paid
Main St. bitchin’ ‘bout the credit crunch?
Some property there we can have for lunch
Play the bleeding heart on the Senate floor
But you vote at the pleasure of your D.C. whore


©Polarity/1 -- Sine Language Music/BMI