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... PRETTIER THAN YOU is a new collection of new avant/derriere songs. P1's further commitment to the idea of orchestrating with genre as well as instruments and sonics. Delirium, stories and op-ed are sung and rapped over funky electronica and surprising genre-blending recipes: a woozy blues/cha cha-from-hell paeon to a 1950's aging Jewish hitman, a blues rock/Afrobeat/samba about living in the blue light of tv addiction. A dirty folky country children's song is propelled by a groove from northern Brazil. There's a roots blues song about greasy love and infotainment that's full of jazz reggae; a cover of a Brazilian classic that Polar sings in Portugeuse in a traditional samba canção format with a smatter of electronic noise, metal guitar and electronically mutated metal wastebasket. Fat on the bottom and twisted on top.



Love Is Hard
Prettier Than You
There's Music
Swing That Kaddish
Garbage Man
Seventy Virgins
Dança Da Solidão

Free Money...
Charge It..