(The More You Watch, The Less You Know)
©Polarity/1 -- Sine Language Music/BMI

Produced by Polarity/1
D.A.V.: rap, background vocals
P/1: background vocals, track
Communication Breakdown!
Pause for this message.Wake up!
Every station is identification
Global syndication is shaping the nation
ABC-Disney, NBC-GE.
Murdoch is Foxy and we're the hen
He owns the pen, the camera, the sword.
Buy a Coke, buy a Ford
Gettin broke? Getting bored?
Selling attitude like food for the masses
Junk consumption. We're lumpen
A bumpkin to the corporate state.
You cannot satiate what you can't negotiate
Your will's been snatched, The bill's attached
Flim-flam diagram, data-jam, handi-cam
Caught it
Yo, ya bought it
A mind is a profitable thing to waste
Ya want another taste, baby? We got

CHORUS: News Goo. . . What we need to know
............News Goo. . . What we want to know
............News Goo. . . What we think we know
............Got remote control to choose the show.
............But the more we watch, the less we know
............Ignorance grows on the spirit like a tumor
............Till freedom is a rumor

What we WANT What we NEED
What we WANT What we NEED
Do we even know who plants the seed?
You think the media works for you
But it's a job for them, they're just selling brew
Who owns the media?
Who does it speak for?
Your butt on the sofa, leave your mind at the door
And that's what entertainment is for.
It's the drug of the century,
the soul's penitentiary
Sad what they call a news report
Who's fucking who and OJ in court
News is not supposed to entertain
To drug the soul to kill the pain
But it all adds up to someone's capital gain
News goo--no explanation
We're lost in the fields of information plantation
We'll be back after this station identification

So where's the news of a people left out
Put a camera in my face just to hear me shout
But they don't wanna hear what I shout about
Ya love it when we're cuffed.
But not a people rebuffed
We never play a lead
In the sitcom you call the news
Unless we are accused
The positive refused
It's the poor and unschooled that most need dope
but it's the inside dope that holds the hope
Can't cope with the selling of news like toothpaste
Spitting out headlines in mad haste
We gotta stop the flow of news goo
Keepin' us drunk on a sugary brew
In the Information Age
What we lack is information
Just a crew of haircuts and info-pretension
With a pun and a smile to hold our attention
Like we're a nation of children
Goo goo is the intention
We are what we eat --we are what we know.
But information is owned
By those who own the show
and control the flow
More when we return. Gotta go

Westinghouse and Minnie Mouse in the house
makin' heat in the executive suite
The future conceived on the bottom line and
when the contracts are sorted -- truth is aborted
I'm not a niche group or a fool or a poll
Their dumbing us down is gonna take it's toll
There's money to be made for making me a pawn
The bill gets paid when democracy's gone
With every corporate merge ya know there's a purge
They splurge on the debt and the news gets the net
The public sector needs a news dissector
to separate the hairspray from the Mayday
The Press is supposed to educate
cast light on the snake--not force-feed the cake
But the state of the Press is a crime, it's fake
500 hundred channels
No reason to rejoice
We have too much choice and not enough voice
We now resume our regular programming


©Polarity/1 -- Sine Language Music/BMI