©Polarity/1 -- Sine Language Music/BMI

Produced by Polarity/1
P/1: lead & background vocals, track
Scott Allen: background vocals & bass
Pete McCann: guitar
You used to love the city lights.
Dance in the clubs at night
Screwin' on the kitchen floor
Then go again midnight to four
Now there's trouble with old caboos
The turkey's comin' home to roost
They're pissin' in your foyer
The music is too loud
You want some peace and quiet
You're just one of the crowd
This city ain't for humans
You better hang tough
Better sell the condo
Shake that boomer butt
Eisenhower kickin' ass
Camelot and cheap gas
America on the moon
Little Richard Pat Boone
V8 Ford and Cadillac
Super Bowl and a six pack
Now ya can't swim at the beaches
Stay out of the sun
You soon will be outnumbered
World War III has come
No time for despair
Ya gotta hang tough
Get back in the street
And shake that Boomer butt

Alternative medicine
Barbie wants the same as Ken
Human rights and health care
Livin' under purple air
Cigarettes and acid rain
CIA pushin' 'cain
Congress gets the news 30 years late
Little smiley faces grinning with hate
The party is over
Ya better get tough
Have a nice day
Better shake that Boomer butt

Friends are gettin' mugged
Dealers on the block
Hear the tic tic tic of biological clock
Winter's comin' on
You better hang tough
Get back on the dance floor
Shake that Boomer butt

SHAKE IT! By any means necessary

©Polarity/1 -- Sine Language Music/BMI