Audioplasm is Polarity/1 and Rubio. Their game is applied music for film, advertising, video gaming, etc.


HEAVY MEADOW is Audioplasm's first album. It's got the strangest, hottest grooves on Planet Earth. And that's a fact. A stew of sliced & diced voices and scraps of lost & found sonic trash along with live playing - marinated in delirium.


The duo gets some merengue percussion help from Guillermo Cárdenas on Guillermo Ate My Lunch, tenor sax honk from Michael Blake on Ass Man and Rubio's 3 year-old daughter Nadia supplied lyrics and vocals on Naddy Waddy.

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Guillermo Ate My Lunch

Heavy Meadow
Naddy Waddy

Pa La Lucha
Egg-shaped Egg

Bob Smith Of The FBI

Miss Bunnel's Holiday
Many Thanks To You Jack
Ass Man


You can buy these tunes on iTunes, Rhapsody, and wherever fine digits are sold.